BTA Inc. is a privately owned Canadian corporation with head offices located in Toronto. We provide management and Information Technology consulting services specializing in managing, designing, building, and implementing business technology solutions for the private and public business sectors. We are dedicated to working in partnership with our clients to deliver cost affective solutions on time and on budget.

BTA Inc. is strongly committed to customer service. Our primary goal is to recommend and implement solutions that lead to cost reductions, cost avoidance and improved productivity for our clients. To ensure that the stated savings and improvements are being achieved, together with our client we develop measurements and/or performance criteria which our clients can easily monitor and evaluate. In cases involving large or complex solutions, we develop proof of concept on a small scale to prove their viability before proceeding with costly and time-consuming development.

Our consultants are highly qualified professionals possessing diverse technical, business and people skills. As a result we can offer superior technical solutions and services ranging from mainframe to client/server and internet environments. Combining our technical and business knowledge enable us to assist our clients to support their Legacy Systems and to achieve advancements in business and technology to keep ahead of the challenges of the twenty-first century.

In an effort to completely serve our clients, we do offer permanent staff placements. The individuals who we propose to our clients in this capacity are also highly qualified professionals with strong business and technical experience.